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Estimated construction costs are the backbone of an entire project. This is true whether you’re doing a small-scale renovation or an entirely new build. If you’re starting a commercial real estate project in Memphis or the surrounding areas, there are a few things about the accuracy of estimated construction costs that are important to understand. […]

How Accurate are Estimated Construction Costs? 

Global economic shifts, evolving societal demands, and rapid technological advancements have all had a significant impact on the commercial real estate world in recent years.  2023 brought with it economic uncertainty. This was influenced heavily by fluctuating company plans for employees’ return to the office, increased interest rates, and the e-commerce boom.  But optimism for […]

Stay in the Know: Commercial Real Estate Trends

Property improvements can take many forms, from minor upgrades, (like new carpet and painting the walls) to major renovations (such as reconfiguring spaces, upgrading lighting, or even complete build-outs of unfinished spaces.) Whatever your improvements are – from small aesthetic tweaks to new fit-outs, tenant improvements aren’t just about looks. They can also significantly boost your bottom line.

How Investing in Tenant Improvements Can Boost Your Property’s Net Operating Income (NOI)

How Investing in Tenant Improvements Can Boost Your Property's Net Operating Income (NOI)

Opening a new location is an exciting step for your business! But the growth and opportunity that comes with expanding your business can often be overshadowed by the potential pitfalls that cost many business owners unnecessary time and money. This article aims to help you navigate through the process of site selection, design, and build-out, and ensure you avoid common mistakes that could derail your project budget, vision and timeline.

Opening a New Business Location? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes

Opening a New Business Location? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes

It’s a moment worth celebrating – when you’re finally ready to hire a commercial contractor for your business’s new renovation or build-out. But not all contractors are created equal, and the success of your project (or even your business) can hinge on this very important decision. To help, we’ve outlined the most important things to consider when choosing a qualified commercial contractor.

Hiring a Commercial Contractor in Tennessee

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